Time to kick it!

I’ve been far too lazy for too long.  I have been doing a great job taking care of keeping my brain fit, but my body is another story.  A few weeks ago I went to the gym on a Saturday morning.  It was the first time I’d gone since July 2015.  Yikes!  No wonder I’ve put on 50 lbs!  (Ok, it wasn’t just the lack of going to the gym…)

I ended up with the flu within 48 hours of my last trip to the gym.  I was down for the count until Thursday of that week.  Being the person I am, I let that keep me from going back to the gym that weekend.  I made excuses not to go, like “I need to study for my stats’ test” and “we still have too much to do for our study, I need to focus on that.”

I started doing some small things at home over the past week or so: squats, modified push-ups, and this core exercise I saw on a fitness website (I have no idea what it’s called).  I didn’t always do them every day, but I tried to.  One day I even did them at night after I got home because I was too lazy to do them that morning.

Ultimately I’m annoyed that I’ve allowed myself to not only regain roughly 50 lbs, but to also get so out of shape.  So, this morning I got up, put on gym clothes, drank a protein shake, and went to the gym.  I worked out for an hour.  I focused mainly on my two problem spots:  my legs and my core.  I thoroughly expected that a few hours after I finished I would be in great discomfort, and unable to move.  Surprisingly the aches have been minimal, but the biggest surprise is my left knee.  It has been hurting for weeks.  It’s not bothering me at all!  I guess I did something right today.

Here’s the big catch:  keeping myself accountable and going to the gym regularly.  As of this moment my plan is to go to the gym every other day.  That means sucking it up at 6:00 and going to the gym after work and not coming straight home.  I will need to get my bag together the night before, and grab it as I leave in the morning.  No excuses of too much studying to do, or that I’m too tired.  It must be done.

How do I find the resolve?  And, how do I find the willpower to eat properly?  How do I get the processed carbs back out of my life?  Yes, I can go cold turkey, but that hasn’t worked so great in the past.  I need to find another way to do it.  Maybe some sort of 12-step program.

Somehow I will do this.

I know I can.

I will.


About saravara7

I am who I am and I make no apologies or excuses. I live without regret. I returned to school in 2013 to finally finish my Bachelor's Degree, majoring in Psychology. School part-time while working full-time isn't easy, but it is what I want and need. Once undergrad studies are finished, who knows? Most likely grad school, but you never know what curve ball life might throw. I love music, especially rock/metal/hair bands from the 80s and 90s... that has now been lumped into the entire "classic rock" category. (Wow, I feel old.) My music tastes do vary, and my CD collection might make some look at me oddly. That's fine. I know what I like. I don't ask anyone else to agree with it. :) I enjoy traveling, although I haven't had the luxury of doing so as of late. Hopefully that will change. If I manage to hit it big on the lottery, you bet it's going to change! Generally speaking I'm laid back. I'm told that I'm funny, and a leader. I'll take people's word for it. I guess I just don't see it. What I am is caring. Those I hold dearest to me are more precious than anything.

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