Life’s “Little” Curve Balls

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write for close to two weeks now (actually, it’s probably been longer).  I wanted to re-cap my trip to Epcot, and I’m pretty sure there was something else I was going to write about… but I got thrown a curve ball, and now that is going to wait a little longer.

Just a brief recap before going to the curve ball (and chances are I will cover at least one of the recap items in an upcoming blog post).  Two weeks ago at this time in was in my room at the Yacht Club at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.  I was with Bonnie, and we were having a great time.  It was a great weekend.  I promise more to come in the near future.  Last month I started my summer volunteer work at Food for Others in Fairfax.  This is to fulfill my community service learning requirement portion of my degree.  It is incredibly rewarding, although a bit sweaty in the warehouse.  Overall things have been going well.

Thursday morning (June 2) I went to work like pretty much any other work day.  My newest coworker was a no-show for the second day in a row, with no contact.  So, at that point I figured she quit and  just decided not to tell us.  I noticed on the chat system we used in the offices that no one in our Petersburg location was online.  I texted one of my coworkers to see if their internet was down again.  She responded that our boss (Jason) had sent them all a text that morning saying the internet was out and to take the day off.  I thought that was a bit odd as it was highly unlike him, and was a tiny bit annoyed that I still had to be at work.  I left him a message at 10:00 as I needed to speak with him about some things.  I tried him again at 10:30, and again got his voicemail.  He called me back about 10 minutes later.  He asked if I was sitting.  Then it hit.  The company had closed the agency due to an illegal practice done last year by someone who is no longer associated with the agency.  Suddenly we were all unemployed.  At first I just managed to get a few responses out as I was in shock.  Then I started crying.  He told me that someone would be in shortly to shut down the office (which was why I had to go in because someone had to be there for them to officially close the agency location).

I began gathering my things when we got off the phone.  There were a lot of tears.  When the people coming to close the agency showed up (both of whom I knew), it was obvious they were upset over the situation as well.  They offered to help, but how do you tell other people what things are yours?  It was easier to do it myself.  I answered their questions, and they answered those of mine that they could.  They took my number so they could contact me about any possible openings in other agencies.  They even helped me take stuff out to the Jeep.

When I got home I called my roommate so he wouldn’t be surprised when he got home and found me there.  He made me promise that I wouldn’t drink the rest of the bottle of Jameson I have in the fridge.  (I didn’t plan to drink any of it, or any alcohol.)  Jason called me later that afternoon to see how I was doing, and he let me know he’d told the others.  He also said he’d spoken to another local agent (whom I know fairly well), and that she was interested in talking with me (she’d actually already left me a message, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk at that point).  From there I talked with one of my coworkers for over an hour about everything.  We both agreed that we were in shock over the whole situation.  I told those closest to me in private what had happened.

Friday I attempted to sleep in.  My body was awake just before 8:00.  I relaxed some this morning, then went to the gym.  From there I went back by the office to get a few things I’d forgotten.  It was surreal being in there, all the lights out, note on the door stating the agency was closed.  I went over to Great Harvest for a bit and spoke with Shannon.  Got a slice of bread since I realized I hadn’t eaten anything – that I’d only had a protein shake prior to the gym.  By the time I was ready to leave the office it had started raining.  So I delayed a bit waiting for it to lighten up a bit.  Which it did.  Naturally by then traffic was crappy.  I stopped by Ulta to speak with Beth to reschedule my June hair appointment (she had left me a message the day before).  Before heading home I stopped at Wegmans for my Friday night pizza.  I’m not quite ready to break that tradition yet.  Once home I just chilled on the sofa with the roommate, and watched some TV.

Now it’s technically Saturday – nearly 1:00a.  I’m tired, but I’m not.  I have a lot of thoughts swirling through my head, and not all of them are concerning me and what I’m going to do.  Some of them are worrying about some of my customers I’d become close with, whom I didn’t get to say goodbye to.  That hurts almost as much as losing my job.

I just took a look at my Facebook feed, and I see that Muhammad Ali just died.  May he rest in peace.  So many lost already this year.

To close, I’m going to leave you with a song.  It’s by a group who had a short life, but their music touched me in many ways.  When life throws a curve ball at you, don’t forget to take a break and enjoy the blue highways…


About saravara7

I am who I am and I make no apologies or excuses. I live without regret. I returned to school in 2013 to finally finish my Bachelor's Degree, majoring in Psychology. School part-time while working full-time isn't easy, but it is what I want and need. Once undergrad studies are finished, who knows? Most likely grad school, but you never know what curve ball life might throw. I love music, especially rock/metal/hair bands from the 80s and 90s... that has now been lumped into the entire "classic rock" category. (Wow, I feel old.) My music tastes do vary, and my CD collection might make some look at me oddly. That's fine. I know what I like. I don't ask anyone else to agree with it. :) I enjoy traveling, although I haven't had the luxury of doing so as of late. Hopefully that will change. If I manage to hit it big on the lottery, you bet it's going to change! Generally speaking I'm laid back. I'm told that I'm funny, and a leader. I'll take people's word for it. I guess I just don't see it. What I am is caring. Those I hold dearest to me are more precious than anything.

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  1. I just saw your blog now, Sarah. I haven’t been on WP for a long time OR Facebook for way over a week (I’ll be back on Facebook, tomorrow)…

    I can’t say I know exactly what you’re going through, but I’ve lost a job, in the past that I was committed to and worked a long time, all of a sudden was laid off and it was devastating.

    You are in my thoughts…. Huge Hugs 😦 ❤

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