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And the winner is…

Apparently, no one.  Or perhaps lots of people.  Winning a big lottery jackpot is a dream to many.  Some have their dreams come true, and others do not.  As there was no winner for tonight’s Powerball drawing, the jackpot for Wednesday’s drawing is now over $1 billion.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Even if multiple people were to win that jackpot, consider this:  other than now having a new-found financial freedom, what else do they have?  Is it truly going to bring them happiness?  Or will it bring lots of so called “friends” out of the woodwork, all looking for a handout?  In this latter respect, I’d say the people who bought tickets and didn’t win a big monetary payout may actually be the winners.  Now they don’t have to avoid people who just want to mooch off them.  Winning big would definitely be helpful to those experiencing financial problems, but statistically those people tend to go through their winnings far faster than those who win smaller jackpots.

So you are probably wondering if I played.  Yes, I did.  I did not get a single number, but that’s fine.  Should I ever win a large sum (and I rarely play as I rarely ever carry cash), I have an idea of how I’d handle things.  The first thing is to retain a good lawyer in order to keep my identity private.  Next, a fantastic financial adviser.  After that: pay off all debt, invest, find my plot of land in the mountains and build my log home, buy a home for my best friend, pay off debts of those near and dear to me, set up college funds for my friends’ children/grandchildren, donate to those in need, travel… Of course, what actually would get accomplished would depend on the amount of the winnings.  In all honesty if I could win enough to pay off my debt, buy a new vehicle, and secure a home, I’d be happy.

Back to reality.  The spring semester begins Monday.  Where the hell did the time go?  I feel like I just ended fall finals!  The psych department will be in our new building!  I’m incredibly happy about this (as is everyone else).  Majors were sent an email earlier today stating that they will open the building for a couple hours tomorrow for anyone who wants to look around and get acquainted with the layout.  It sounds as if it’s going to be really great between specialty rooms, two computer labs (with access via student ID instead of punching in a code!), weekend access with ID, lounge… I’m going to try to head down to take a look, and determine which area will be my best bet for parking.  I also need to figure out what time I need to set my alarm so I’m not late for the first day of classes.  I probably should have gotten back in the habit of waking up earlier this past week.  Too late now.

My class load is going to be “heavy” even though it’s still only two classes.  Difference is that I’m carrying 7 credits instead of 6, one class has a lab, and I’ll be on campus Monday through Friday.  I’m finally moving into Advanced Stats, and my second class (with lab) is Research Methods.  Not exactly simple classes, but I feel confident I can pass them both.  I will have Dr. McBride again for stats, but I’m not familiar with my instructor for methods.

As I’m sitting here listening to the rain fall, I realize it’s starting to lull me to sleep.  So, I think it’s a good time to stop, go snuggle under the covers with my kitties, and get some sleep.



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