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Happy New Year!  Okay, okay.  I realize it’s already the third of January, and it’s going on 11p.  Cut a gal some slack.  LOL

I had planned to make some changes to the blog for 2016, such as updating the theme.  I figured I’d have plenty of time to work on it New Year’s Eve as I had no plans to leave home.  That didn’t happen.  Mainly because my friend Bonnie won tix to see Silvertung perform in Hagerstown, MD.  She found out the evening of December 30.  We managed to find a hotel that was nearly on top of the venue (Hard Times), for an amazingly low price.  So not only wasn’t I home New Year’s Eve, when I did get home New Year’s Day, I was exhausted.  After that it was just a snowball effect of not doing it.

So this is officially my first blog of the year.  Yay!  It’s goofy, and certainly not thought out – at all.  I will do my best to work on any revamps/modifications this week.  I’m also going to try and blog more… but the Spring semester begins the 11th, and it’s gonna be a rough one.  So, no promises.

I leave you tonight with a video from the other night.  Enjoy!


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